The 3 ton steel structure load turning device

The 3 ton steel structure turning device is a flip sling used for loading on the road. The 3 ton load turning can rotate the workpiece at any angle of 360°.
The advantages of load turning device are:
   1. The equipment is operated by remote control, which has the characteristics of flipping the large-scale workpiece without slipping and not rotating.
   2. It has the function of rotating the workpiece, can be flipped to any angle as required, and has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and reliable use.
   3. The device adopts remote control to control the operator's operation away from the operation of flipping the workpiece, and has the characteristics of light and light flipping.
   4. The device has the characteristics of flexible movement and flexibility, no need to move large workpieces, and the device can be moved to the state of hanging and flipping the workpiece on the spot.
   5. The equipment uses a return chain to fix the suspension and flip the workpiece.
   6. For the special workpiece, the auxiliary grooved wheel and the sling can be replaced, so that the workpiece can be flipped without the hoisting marks.
   7. The use of this device can improve the turning efficiency and greatly reduce the cost for the user.
   8. The hanging type flip machine needs to be used for driving, and the crane can be flipped in the field. As long as the equipment can be lifted, it can be flipped freely and
   9. The device has the feature of being reversible without being limited by the length, width and size of the workpiece.