The Purpose and features of polyurethane bending restrictors origin China

Use and function of polyurethane bending restrictor
     When a gap must be maintained at the intersection between the cable and the existing pipeline or when the cable and the pipeline are installed, excessive bending occurs. The bend limiter was developed to prevent this excessive bending and is used to support cables and pipes that may damage the wellhead rigid pipe intersection and pipe structure of the submarine buoy.
     In the case of existing installation methods, methods such as rockfill, concrete mattresses and steel structures are expensive and time-consuming and difficult to place accurately, so BEND RESTRICTOR consists of two polyurethane halves and is designed in the shape of a connected spine. I did it. Structurally separated designs can be assembled faster on site or in the factory, which will help reduce costs.
Since the load will act on a limited surface, conventional bending restrictors are usually anchored in a manner that causes further stretching.
Features and benefits:
     Because it is close to the density of seawater, it can reduce the load on the cable.
     It has excellent resistance to aging and abrasion in the seabed and marine environment.
     High barrier and anti-ultraviolet (UV) prevent aging.
     Customized design can be implemented according to customer requirements.