The advantages and disadvantages of the McNam wheel of the wheat wheel polyurethane AGV car

The Mecanum wheeled all-round mobile AGV has its unique advantages of flexible movement, and solves the "last meter" movement problem, which caused the precise alignment problem that originally took tens of hours to complete during assembly, processing, and transportation Easily use an action to complete in an instant. Solve the passability problem of ordinary mobile robots such as S-bend, right-angle bend, etc., and use the horizontal displacement to pass the theoretical dead angle, not subject to space.
The advantages of the mecanum wheel:
1. The Mecanum wheel enables the robot to realize heavy load and heavy load, and also can achieve all-round motion;
2. Complete set of Mecanum wheels with 4mm shaft connectors;
3. Used with encoder motor or stepper motor;
4. Mecanum wheel is compatible with 4mm and 8mm motor shafts;
5. Made of SPCC cold-rolled steel, with strong rigidity and high impact strength;
6. Mecanum wheel is easy to assemble.
The kinematics and dynamics characteristics of the McNumham wheeled mobile robot are the basic premises to theoretically judge the robot to achieve all-round motion. The Mecanum wheel AGV cart is an automatic handling vehicle, which refers to an unmanned wheeled handling vehicle that transports, loads, unloads, and stacks some palletized goods. As the name implies, its wheels use Mecanum wheel technology, which can make the car move in any direction at 30° without dead angle.
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