The benefits of using polyurethane bending restrictor origin China

The use of polyurethane bending restrictors has many obvious benefits.
The installation and maintenance of the components is less time-consuming, more cost-effective, and the entire life cycle cost is reduced, because the plastic will not corrode or must be protected with plating, paint and anodes. Its weight is also greatly reduced, making it neutrally buoyant in the water. This means that during installation and maintenance, much less stress is applied to adjacent parts of the assembly line and subsea structure. In order to prevent excessive bending of the pipe at the interface between the flexible and rigid structure, a bend limiter is usually installed. Our bend limiter is composed of a combination of multiple interlocking elements that will react when subjected to an external load, thereby locking together to form a smooth bend radius. Choose this radius to be equal to or greater than the minimum bend radius of the pipe to which it is applied. Once the elements are locked together, the bending moment generated will be transferred to the elements and returned to the adjacent rigid connection through the specially designed steel interface structure, thereby protecting the pipeline from potentially destructive loads.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.