The categories of mobile suspended load turning devices for turning large workpieces

Main classification:
1. Load turning device can be divided into 90 ° load turning device and 180 ° load turner according to turning angle.
2. According to the performance achieved, it can be divided into steel coil turning machine, mould load turning device, and sheet load turning device.
3. The steel coil load turning device realizes the lifting of heavy steel coils on the V-shaped surface of the load turning. By turning 0-90 °, the steel coils can be placed flat on the pallet.
4.  Mold load turnning device, when repairing large and medium-sized molds, it can turn the mold 0-90 °, which is convenient, labor-saving and safe for opening and closing and lifting of the mold. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the stamping workshop, as well as equipment for repairing large molds.
5. Sheet load turning is mainly used for flat large parts, generally 180° turning. This kind of load turning device is usually equipped with roller line inside and below, which can be used together with conveying line. Scratch, improve product quality, while reducing the labor intensity of the operator and improve production efficiency.

Main functions:
Using the original manual method to turn over, there may be an unexpected danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endanger the personal safety of the operator; damage to the lifting equipment. The main characteristics of this type of equipment are reflected in the mature product structure and no maintenance accidents.
In addition, there is a mobile suspension type load turning device for turning over large workpieces.
Its main function is that in the welding process of large workpieces, especially the welding process of large square or shaped bodies, it is often necessary to turn over to complete the welding of all the required plane welding on the large workpiece or square body, which can improve the welding. Efficiency, but also to ensure welding quality.