The characteristic and application of polyurethane coated wheel origin China

Polyurethane stacking wheel:
Since the elastic coatings on the wheels bear excessive stress, they should have high dynamic performance. Since vehicles usually turn during driving, it is necessary to use high-strength materials that do not show permanent deformation. High surface pressure and rough ground are problematic for wheel coating. Wheel coatings have the greatest advantage under such operating conditions. High mechanical power, extremely low wear, extremely low permanent deformation rate and other unique properties make heavy-duty wheels an ideal choice.
High dynamic load caused by high deformation at low speed or low deformation at high speed will generate heat in the elastic coating, thereby reducing the load-bearing capacity. Due to its special damping effect, the elastomer can ensure a low level of heat formation. They have some influence on the mechanical properties of heat, which in turn produce significant dynamic load-bearing capacity.
Staying in a fixed position for a long time may cause the surface of the wheel to become flat, thereby impairing the rolling motion of the wheel. The permanent deformation rate of the wheel coating is very low, and it can ensure the perfect function of the wheel even under long-term idling conditions.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.