The chassis load turning is mainly composed of a lifting mechanism turning mechanism and an electrical system

90-180° Chassis  Load Turning Device:
The chassis turning machine is mainly composed of a lifting mechanism, a turning mechanism and an electrical system. Its main structure types can be divided into frame type turning machine, belt type turning machine, chain type turning machine, chain belt type turning machine and so on.
Frame overturning machine The frame overturning machine is connected with the frame by fixed fixtures. The ring sling movement is mainly carried out by the cooperation of the motor and the fixed fixtures to drive the chassis to turn over. The main features of the frame type turning machine are:
1.the fixed fixture is used to connect the chassis, and the parts connected to the fixture need to be cured;
2. the ring strap is short, which makes the height of the turning mechanism lower;
3. Applicable to short wheelbase models.
4.The chassis with long wheelbase is prone to bending after turning over.
5.The impact of smooth turning is small.