The common models of 10T wire rope electric hoist

Common models
In the Wire rope electric hoist series, CD type MD is the two most common products. It can be used with electric single beam bridge cranes and other equipment. Its model is mainly composed of six parts:
1. Model, expressed by the letters CD (normal speed) and MD (normal, slow).
2.Lifting capacity: tons
3.Lifting height: m
4. Structural form: There are five types of A, AB, B, C, and D. The A-foot is fixed, and the position of the foot is up, down, left, and right. According to needs, the AB-hanging plate is fixed , B-hand trolley type, C-sprocket trolley type, D-electric trolley type.
5. Running speed: m / min. If it is 20m / min, you can leave it alone.
6, supporting forms; points I, II, III type. If it is type I, it can be ignored. I-basic type, installed on overhead rail; II-matching with beam cranes for ground operation; III-matching with beam cranes with cab control