The current situation of omnidirectional carrying heavy-duty AGV car Mecanum wheels

The main application fields of omnidirectional carrying heavy AGV vehicles are concentrated in port terminals, railway transportation and some special industries, and these industries are very rigorous in the selection of equipment. It is very difficult for general enterprises to enter.
Whether it is the ability of the entire AGV car system equipment or the overall project planning ability, it poses challenges to AGV McNam Wheel manufacturers. McLaren Polyurethanes (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. produces Mecanum wheels with: ultra-high load, imported materials, and integral molding for personalized customization,
In the scenario where large-scale equipment and product transportation requirements are becoming more and more strict, the structure and load of omni-directional heavy-duty AGV carts have also changed. Heavy-duty AGV carts came into being and began to enter the market.
Heavy-duty AGV car Mecanum wheel application range: heavy machinery plant, as well as this large-tonnage AGV car such as railway transportation, special industry, port airport, large voltage regulator factory, heavy vehicle manufacturing plant and so on.