The equipment that can safely and smoothly turn the goods-the load turning device used in the casting and frame industries

The Load turning device is a kind of equipment that can turn the goods safely and stably, and it is a new type of lifting equipment. It is an indispensable lifting equipment in modern industry.
1. The special turning machine for the foundry industry is a device that turns the goods around the central axis. It can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of different specifications of goods, provides safe, stable and effective process transportation, and realizes the conversion of goods from horizontal to vertical or Convert the vertical to horizontal operation target. It is an ideal tool with high quality and low price.
2. The frame type load turner adopts a fixed fixture to connect with the frame, and the motor and the fixed fixture cooperate to move the loop sling, thereby driving the chassis to turn.
     The main features are:
    ①The chassis is connected with a fixed fixture;
    ②The loop sling is shorter, which makes the height of the turning mechanism lower;
    ③The service life is longer, and the turning belt does not directly contact the chassis;
    ④The chassis of the vehicle with a longer wheelbase is easy to flip Bending occurs;
    ⑤Smooth flipping, less impact during flipping.
3. The automobile turning device is applied to the automobile production line. The frame production line is divided into three parts, namely the frame longitudinal beam production line. The frame riveting production line, the frame coating production line; the automobile frame, axle, and chassis are turned over. The machine, the turning machine and the crane are used together, and the operation is simple and convenient. Many automobile processes are developing in the direction of rapid, simple and labor-saving. Many new technologies are widely used.