The factory acceptance test of polyurethane bending restrictor

The factory acceptance test of polyurethane bending restrictor can be divided into two categories:
●Material testing
●Load test
Material testing
Very strict quality control inspections have been carried out on all batches of polyurethane materials used for bending limiters. This includes incoming inspections and process inspections to ensure that only raw materials with the correct material characteristics are put into production and that these characteristics are consistent throughout the manufacturing process.
Load test
In order to ensure that the bending limiter has an appropriate load capacity, many customers specify a load test.
Two types of load tests can be performed:
● Endurance test.
● Destructive load testing.
Through the standard load test, the fully assembled unit string will bear the calculated maximum service load. Hold the load for a certain period of time, and then check the current limiter for signs of damage.
If a destructive load test is specified, the current limiter must first undergo a durable load test and then increase the load until one or more elements fail. Record the fault load and compare it with the load expected by the calculation method.
Can be customzed accroding to your needs.