The features and components of Wire rope electric hoist

 Wire rope electric hoist
 It consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and reel or sprocket. It is divided into electric rope hoist and electric chain hoist. It is usually driven by a squirrel-cage cone rotor motor with its own brake. The lifting capacity is generally 0.1-80 tons, and the lifting height is 3-30 meters. Most wire rope electric hoists are operated by the human button on the ground, and can also be operated in the driver's cab or wired (wireless) remote control. In addition to being used alone, the wire rope electric hoist can also be assembled with manual, chain or electric trolleys and suspended from the roof of a building or the beam of a crane.

The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small volume, strong versatility of parts and convenient operation. The reducer adopts hard tooth surface transmission design, long life and high mechanical efficiency. The motor adopts a conical rotor brake motor with upper and lower two-way safety limit devices.

It can be widely used to lift heavy objects or be installed on single beam cranes, straight and curved I-beams, and can also be used on hoist double beams, hoist gantry cranes or cantilever cranes. It is commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, terminals and warehouses. Lifting equipment.