The features of Demag walking wheel

The DEMAG walking wheel is a medium-sized DEMAG walking wheel and is an accessory for cranes. The DEMAG walking wheel is used to support cranes and loads and make them on the track.
The device that the crane runs back and forth. It is mainly composed of four parts: wheel axle, wheel piece, bearing box and bearing. It is a key component of the crane's walking mechanism.
DEMAG walking wheel features
1.DEMAG walking wheel is small in size and light in weight;
2.DEMAG walking wheel runs smoothly and is easy to install and maintain;
3.DEMAG walking wheel has compact structure and high assembly precision;
4.DEMAG walking wheel has low noise and quality;
5.DEMAG walking wheel has a solid structure and long service life.
The DEMAG walking wheel is widely used in Hyundai Industrial. It is very popular in the lifting industry. Kunfeng is a manufacturer specializing in the production of DEMAG wheels.
Our DEMAG wheels are reliable and affordable, enabling our customers to increase productivity, reduce routine maintenance, save energy and get a good investment.
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