The features of Polyurethane Mecanum Wheel of China manufacturer

Features of Polyurethane Mecanum Wheel:
1. Polyurethane elastomer is very wear-resistant in the currently known polymer materials. Wear resistance means that the generation of debris is reduced, pollution is reduced, and the service life and cost performance of the product are also improved.
2. The excellent tensile and tear strength and impact resistance of polyurethane elastomer make the material capable of more difficult tasks, such as the high-frequency crusher protective cover.
3. The elongation at break of polyurethane elastomer is usually 300-800 percent or more, which means that during extreme use of polyurethane, even if there is localized large deformation, it will not easily cause the material to break, reducing the material Bad slag and other bad phenomena;
4. Polyurethane elastomer has excellent elasticity and resilience. In contact with extremely high hardness and sharp polysilicon materials, even if it is repeatedly punctured, it can still recover by itself, it is not easy to break the material, and maintain a lasting protection function;
5. The flexible process of injection polyurethane elastomer makes it possible to work with large-sized and complex-shaped workpieces. Very suitable for the individual needs of different manufacturers and different products.