The features of jib crane of China crane manufacturer

BZD fixed column jib crane manufacturers in the injection molding workshop cantilever crane, mobile cantilever crane, wall cantilever crane Fixed column type swing arm crane consists of column device, slewing device, swing arm device and chain electric hoist, etc., mainly including upper column, lower column, main beam, main beam tie rod, lifting mechanism (loop electric hoist), swing Institutions, electrical systems, ladders and maintenance platforms. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation, and the swing arm rotates, which can be rotated according to user needs. The turning part is divided into manual turning and electric turning. Electric chain hoist is installed on the swing arm track for lifting heavy objects.
The fixed-column rotary jib crane combined with the highly reliable JPKK type chain electric hoist is particularly suitable for short distances, frequent use and intensive lifting operations. It has high efficiency, energy saving, labor saving, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, etc Features. The electric chain hoist has the functions of lifting and reciprocating on the cross beam. The swing arm beam can be rotated by the speed reducer on the turning device. The electrical control box is installed on the chain hoist.