The main effect and work principle of load turning device

 Main effect:
Using the original manual method to turn over, there may be unexpected dangers, causing damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; damage to the lifting equipment. The main characteristics of this type of equipment are reflected in the mature product structure and no maintenance accidents.
In addition, there is a mobile suspension type load turning device for turning large workpieces.
Its main function is that in the welding process of large workpieces, especially in the welding process of large cubes or special shapes, it is often necessary to flip to complete the welding of all the required plane welding on large workpieces or cubes, which can improve the welding Efficiency, and can guarantee the quality of welding.
working principle
The load turning device includes a base and a turning body connected by a turning hinge. The load turning device is connected through the turning hinge and the base. A rubber roller is arranged in the middle of the turning machine, and the rubber wheel frame is connected to the base to conveniently and quickly carry the goods at any angle Overturning, or attaching to the conveying line, adopting multi-speed control and travel switch to turn the goods over any angle and move to the next assembly line; realize the three-dimensional flow of goods conveying, without the need for high conveyance characteristics such as manual and crane, load turning device Simple structure, low cost, high work efficiency, safety and reliability.