The manufacturer of 5T car frame load turning device

5 ton car frame Load turning device 180° and 360° turning machine, our frame load turning is used with crane crane, simple operation and convenient lifting.
The frame type load turning device is corresponding to the welding sequence in the welding equipment during production, which is convenient for the realization of mechanization and automation of welding production, which is helpful to improve the quality of assembly welding and promote welding.
Various auxiliary devices and equipment to speed up the production process. Welding load turning device is a kind of welding displacement machine. It is a welding piece displacement machine that rotates or tilts the workpiece about a horizontal axis, so that it is in a position favorable for welding. It is mainly used for welding beams, columns, frames and other structures. There are many types of welding turning machines, such as head and tail rack, frame, swivel, chain, and push-pull. The welding flipping machine has a simple structure, convenient operation, high work efficiency and good work quality, and can realize 360° rotation. Therefore, welding flipping machine is widely used in automatic welding systems of chemical industry, railway transportation, metallurgy and other industrial sectors.