The sand box lathe can hang and lift the workpiece 180°or 360°, and is usually used with bridge crane

Sand box load turnign device
The sand box load turning device is a lifting machine for turning large objects. The sand box turning machine can suspend and lift the workpiece in 180 degrees or 360 degrees, and it is usually used with an overhead crane! Sand box mold turning machine is a common industrial product. Chain suspension electric turning machine, design features: adjustable opening, can adapt to workpieces of different lengths; uniform turning speed, effectively protect workpieces; high turning efficiency; reduce labor intensity, protect operator safety; easy operation and maintenance, can Attached as a workshop overhead crane for work, does not occupy a fixed operating area. Scope of application: This box turning machine is used for turning and closing boxes in the foundry, tilting spraying of flow-type sand boxes, turning of molds and tooling in the mold shop, turning of large machining and heavy workpieces.