The special clean room crane for the health care industry

The special clean room crane for the health care industry is a kind of crane equipment used in the dust-free workshop. The air purification system is equipped with the variety of health food, production operation requirements and external environmental conditions, so that the production area can be effectively ventilated, and it has temperature control and necessary humidity control. And air purification and filtration to ensure the production environment of health food.

★For the exposure process of tablets, capsules, soft capsules, oral liquids, pills, granules, powders, teas, ointments, and other health food exposure processes and the exposure process areas of the final treatment of packaging materials that directly contact health food, refer to D in Appendix A According to the requirements of the clean area, enterprises can take appropriate microbial monitoring measures in this area according to the standards and characteristics of the products. In the production of these medical and health care products, the crane equipment must use a dust-free clean crane system.