The treatment of the cast iron roller core is also one of the keys to prevent the polyurethane rubber roller from falling out of the core

Cast iron roller core for treating polyurethane rubber roller degumming
Cast iron roller core used to deal with polyurethane rubber roller degumming:
The treatment of cast iron roller core is also one of the keys to prevent polyurethane rubber roller from being de-cored. To ensure a good combination of the polyurethane elastomer and the iron core, it is necessary to clean the iron core, such as pickling to remove rust, organic matter to remove oil, etc., to ensure that its surface is clean and free of dirt.
   Mechanical sandblasting is usually one of the effective ways to improve the bonding strength. Through sandblasting, the surface roughness of the roller core is increased, and the surface area of ​​the bonding interface can be increased several times or even dozens of times, and the bonding force between the polyurethane and the metal core is correspondingly improved. The uneven surface produced by sandblasting will cause more occlusal connection between the polyurethane and the iron core and improve the bonding strength.
   Improper method during the pouring process of the rubber roller will form bubbles on the surface of the iron core and reduce the bonding strength. Because the pouring time is limited, it is necessary to shorten the pouring time as much as possible, but also to ensure that the pouring is even, to prevent excessive pouring, otherwise it will cause bubbles in the material and improper pouring, resulting in bubbles on the surface of the iron core, which greatly reduces the adhesion. strength. When pouring, ensure that the polyurethane casting material has a period of fluidity after it is put into the mold, so that the residual bubbles will float up.
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