The use of clean room double girder crane

The clean room double-girder crane is a widely used crane system in the clean room. The clean double-girder crane is also called the cleanroom double-girder bridge crane. The two beams are built on the top of the workshop like a bridge.
Department, movable! Clean room refers to a space with good airtightness that controls parameters such as air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, etc. as needed.
The required cleanliness level is high! The hoist and steel beam of the clean single-beam crane have been specially processed to achieve the effect of dustproof and oil-proof during operation. The clean single-beam crane is often used
In biopharmaceuticals, electronic workshops, lithium battery workshops, copper foil production workshops, aerospace fields, precision instrument manufacturing workshops, semiconductor workshops, clean energy workshops, food processing workshops, packaging materials workshops and other workshops that require relatively high cleanliness!