Tire handling robot wheel used with crane

Tire handling robot wheel:
The tire-handling robot wheel is a port-based automatic tire-handling equipment. It is installed on a forklift with a mecanum wheel. Special attachments are installed. The tire-handling robot not only follows the characteristics of the mecanum wheel, but is arbitrary in a two-dimensional plane. It moves in the direction, and the attachment includes three combined actions of clamping, pressing and pushing, so that it can transport 750kg tires into the container at one time and automatically stack and store it.
The tire-handling robot uses omnidirectional Mecanum wheels, which greatly reduces the labor of manually transporting tires into the container, reduces labor, and improves work efficiency. Help for port automation operations.

The role of the mecanum wheel in handling robots:
1. Realize omnidirectional movement, more convenient to carry;
2. Subversion of traditional mobile methods, higher technology;
3. High-precision rotation, more controllability;
4. A variety of navigation control, with unmanned control system, can achieve remote management;
5. Mecanum wheel is more flexible.
Application industry:
Suitable for port container handling, stacking and other places.