Various forms of wear-resistant and impact-resistant subsea J-tube sealing systems

There are many forms of subsea sealing systems. Some common types of subsea sealing systems are listed below;
The typical design of the J-Tube seal is to ensure the long-term pressure retention in the J-Tube after the new riser is installed on the platform. The seal allows constant overpressure to be applied through the platform corrosion suppression system and ensures that sea water cannot enter the J-tube and provides fresh oxygen to promote corrosion.
The J-tube seal can also provide mechanical support in the bell mouth of the J-tube to ensure that the flexible riser does not bear excessive point loads. The connection for the elbow limiter can be implemented to ensure that the mechanical support continues to the sea floor.
      Custom design;
      Abrasion and impact resistance;
      Split or continuous design.