What are the causes of abnormal gears of Chain Electric Hoist

What are the causes of abnormal gears of Chain Electric Hoist ?
Chain electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, it has been widely used in ports, construction, anticorrosion, petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, mining and other places, then the chain electric hoist will inevitably have problems in use For example, what caused the abnormality of the gear of the electric chain hoist, then what is the cause? Let ’s take a look.
(1) Tooth surface wear:
The form of tooth surface wear is mainly corrosion wear and abrasive wear. Corrosive wear is a chemical effect of active factors in gear materials and lubricants, which leads to gear damage.
(2) Plastic deformation of tooth surface:
Plastic deformation means that the gear meshing surface is subjected to external force under the condition of relatively concentrated force on the gear meshing surface, which causes the plastic change of the tooth body or the tooth surface. Plastic deformation is one of the main failure modes of gears, and it is also a kind of permanent deformation of gears.
(3) Tooth root crack:
Due to the non-uniformity of the gear material, even under the condition of suitable force, fatigue cracks may appear in the tooth roots of some gears, and then they may expand into full-tooth fractures.