What are the characteristics of the Hook-type electric chain hoist?

     The Hook-type electric chain hoist is a kind of electric chain hoist. It uses motor as power and planetary reducer to decelerate. It is a new type of small lifting equipment, and it is also a kind of lifting equipment used in the market. What are the characteristics of the hook-type chain hoist? Why can he sell well in the market? Let's take a look at it.
      1. The hook-type electric chain hoist is relatively small in size, compact in structure and light in weight;
      2. Hook-type electric chain hoist technology leading, stable performance;
      3. Hook-type electric chain hoist is convenient, flexible and efficient;
      4. Hook-type electric chain hoist is durable and has a long service life;
      5. Hooked chain electric hoist is easy to maintain;
      6. Hook-type electric chain hoist has a wide application.
      The above is about the characteristics of the pipe ditch is the electric chain hoist. I hope everyone can better understand the hook-type electric chain hoist. It is an ideal small lifting tool in the industry, especially for low-rise buildings. It is not suitable for use in bridge driving or beam driving, and it can make up for the shortage of wire rope electric hoist. It is very practical and convenient to use. Kunfeng Heavy Industry welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit our company!
      Single girder bridge cranes are often used in our daily industry, so the wheel sets for single girder bridge cranes should also be taken seriously. So what is the role of the single girder bridge crane wheel set? It is actually used to carry the weight of the single girder bridge crane and the weight of the lifting cargo, and transfer the gravity to the running track of the single girder bridge crane to drive the wheel to rotate through the transmission parts such as the motor and the reducer. Drive the entire single-girder bridge crane or single-girder bridge crane to complete vertical or horizontal movement.
      The single girder bridge crane wheel set mainly includes both on-track walking wheels and suspended wheels. On-rail walking wheels are usually large and small truck wheels for bridge cranes. The hanging wheels are usually the running wheels of single-girder bridge cranes or electric hoist single-girder bridge cranes.
      Then we have to look at the quality of the single-girder bridge crane wheel group, the quality is good for a long time, and it is not easy to fail, so we should consider two requirements when choosing a single-girder bridge crane wheel set. The wear resistance is good, but the strength to be contacted is good. Only by satisfying these two requirements, we can make the wheel set better serve the single girder bridge crane, so that the crane can better complete the mechanical operation.