What are the differences between polyurethane wheels and nylon wheels

The differences between polyurethane wheels and nylon wheels:
Polyurethane itself is a high-molecular polymer, which has abrasion resistance and elasticity several times superior to nylon. Therefore, the use of polyurethane is very wide, and its main raw material is only two kinds of other chemical substances, which is relatively simple, but it is more changeable.
First of all, its most important feature is its durability and isolation. It has good heat and water resistance, so it has been widely used in industrial buildings and in our lives.
Moreover, the materials of polyurethane wheels are different from those of nylon wheels produced by general professionals. From the performance point of view, polymers are usually in a solid or gel state due to their relatively large molecular weight, and have good mechanical strength; and because their molecules are formed by covalent bonds, they have relatively high Good insulation and corrosion resistance; good plasticity and high elasticity. High elasticity is a unique property of polymers. In addition, solubility, meltability, solution behavior and crystallinity are also very different from low molecular weight.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.