What are the maintenance of the chain electric hoist?

The electric chain hoist is a lifting machine used in conjunction with a crane. It has the characteristics of convenience, quick operation, high work efficiency, safety and reliability, and long service life, and has been widely used in the industry. Therefore, we must do a good job of maintenance during daily use:
      1. To ensure that there are abnormalities in various parts of the electric chain hoist in time, such as: chain welding, deformation, etc.; if abnormal conditions are found, report it promptly and solve it quickly.
      2. The electric chain hoist should be kept in a safe place. Do not throw it away. Avoid bumps, moisture, rust, etc. If the fuselage is found to be cracked, it cannot be used any more.
      3. The power supply voltage of the electric chain hoist is not lower than 90% of the rated voltage.
      4. To prevent electric shock, the chain electric hoist shell should be reliably grounded (or connected to zero)
      5. If the electric chain hoist is abnormal in the operation, the speed changes, the control is not working, etc., it should be stopped immediately.
      6 . When the ambient temperature is lower than -10 °C, the ultimate load capacity shall not be greater than 50% of the rated load capacity of the electric chain hoist itself.
      7.  In order to avoid the loss of goods caused by personal injury. When the chain electric hoist is lifting the cargo, the person shall not stand around the cargo and under the cargo.
     The above is a brief introduction to the daily maintenance of the electric chain hoist. Kunfeng Company is a new type of heavy industry enterprise integrating the production and sales of electric chain hoists, wire rope electric hoists, bridge cranes and gantry cranes. We can guarantee that the products offered are of high quality and low price, so that you can have no worry after sales. Wellcome to call!