What are the types of polyurethane coated rollers? Which equipment are used for?

What are the types of polyurethane coated rollers? Which equipment are used for?
   Polyurethane coated rollers are divided into application areas and main uses:
Used in the steel processing field of the metallurgical industry, polyurethane coated rubber rollers, buffer rollers, supporting force machine rubber rollers, galvanized steel squeezing rollers, precise measuring rollers, thick steel plate coated rubber rollers, thick steel plates converted to rubber rollers, loop rollers , Pinch rollers, traction belt rubber rollers, transmission system rubber rollers and other polyurethane coated rollers; conveying, transfer rollers, paper pick-up rollers, squeezing rollers, sizing rollers, pickling passivation rollers, buffer rollers, etc.
   Used in the field of printing and dyeing polyurethane rubber coated roller coating rubber sticks, glazing rubber rollers; printing and dyeing machinery polyurethane rubber rollers, conveying equipment machinery equipment polyurethane rubber rollers, buffer rollers and drums; carpentry field glue rollers, transportation rollers, Laminating rollers, board feed rollers, sanding machine glue sticks and woodworking board paint glue sticks, etc.; production line roller coating glue; glass machinery factory glue sticks, leather machinery glue sticks, plastic machinery glue sticks, packaging equipment glue Sticks, rubber sticks for textile equipment, rubber sticks for grain and oil processing machinery and equipment, polyurethane coated rollers in the field of electronic products, and rubber sticks for automation machinery.
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