What can antistatic polyurethane do?

What can antistatic polyurethane do?
From the current situation, antistatic polyurethane is basically processed on the basis of some original materials, and more macromolecular compounds are incorporated. However, antistatic polyurethane has become a very popular kind in China. Materials, at present, they have a wide range of uses, which can replace rubber, plastic or nylon materials, and can be widely used in construction in many different places.
   First, foam material
The antistatic polyurethane material can be widely used in the construction of foam materials. At present, their foam materials can be classified in many aspects according to the existing situation. They are mainly used for building thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation materials. Classification and daily necessities or other means of transportation.
         Second, waterproof coating
Antistatic polyurethanes have high water resistance during actual use. They are also very convenient when they are used. They can be continuously mixed on the spot, and they can get those seamless joints after curing with humidity at room temperature. The use method has good performance during use, and it can be repaired after damage. Generally speaking, it can be used as some auxiliary materials, which can be used on track and field or racetracks.
   Third, biomedical materials
One of the biggest characteristics of antistatic polyurethane is that it can be compatible with biology.
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