What customers should pay attention to when using polyurethane coated bearings

 Judging from the current market situation, there are basically a lot of products such as polyurethane coated bearings in real life, but in order to meet the needs of certain bearings, in fact, sometimes they are actually used in long-lasting encapsulation. In the process, there are a variety of different ways of use. What should be paid attention to for polyurethane coated bearings? Everyone must know more about them.
         1. The strength of the polyurethane coated bearing must be paid attention to in the actual use process, because the rubberized mold must pay attention to the strength of the skeleton to prevent deformation after being coated.
         2. Pay attention to their shrinkage when using polyurethane coated bearings. Pay attention to the shrinkage rate of the coated mold. From the appearance, basically the outer parts have no shrinkage, and then there is a design problem. The place needs to be placed outside, so in principle, it will not affect the sealant. In this case, it is considered very good. However, from the current situation, the softening temperature of the bottom part and the encapsulant The difference must be at least 20 degrees Celsius.
         3. When choosing polyurethane coated bearings, also pay attention to the relevant mold positioning to achieve a truly reliable seal. Prevent some deformation during use, and leave a few more places for pre-compression in the sealing position, especially on the back of the soft rubber.