What is the installation method of the stacker crane traveling wheel box?

DRS walking wheel box is used in stacker travel wheel, polyurethane travel wheel, stacker travel wheel box is one of the polyurethane travel wheel systems with a good range of uses, each wheel has a large load capacity of 40 tons, and there are a lot of Wheel designs are available, which makes it possible to easily find products suitable for all operating conditions (including any travel).
Installation method:
One of the distinguishing features of Filson Intelligent Equipment Wheel Box is that it has a pre-installed surface, which can bring substantial convenience to many installation arrangements, from the top installation method of bolt connection or the end installation method of welding structure connection, To the single-sided installation method suitable for hollow structure installation and the shaft pin installation method suitable for beam installation. The wheel box can be adjusted and calibrated laterally even after installation.
Technical index:
-Load capacity-750 kg;
-Wheel diameter-150mm;
-Wheel material-cast iron;
-Tire Material-Polyurethane;
-Tread width-50 mm;
-Wheel hub length (waistcoat)-60 mm;
-Hub length (sleeve) -65.1mm;
-Hole diameter (waistcoat)-20 mm;
-Socket hole diameter option -12.7mm (1/2");
-Sleeve-top hat pair;
-Bearing Type-Ball Bearing.