What's the characteristic of hybrid polyurethane cable protection system?

Hybrid polyurethane cable protection system
Hybrid polyurethane bending restrictors can be used to reduce the amount of polyurethane used in our system. Compared with the traditional polyurethane system, because the cable isolation will increase the resistance, the compact hybrid polyurethane bending current limiter can dissipate heat, which can transmit power through the cable more effectively.
Main feature:
     Easy to handle, fast and efficient assembly;
     Can be quickly and easily disassembled after installation, so that the cable can be replaced;
     Allows the cable to enter the monopile while maintaining the integrity of the cable throughout the design life;
     Ensure the minimum bending radius of the cable during introduction and service life;
     Withstand resistance and accompanying effects such as VIV and fatigue;
     Protection from scratches;
     The shortest installation time;
     Take the installation load and reduce the load on the cable;
     Enable cable entry;
     Trial operation of test installation can be carried out in our field test agency.
Can be customized accroding to your needs!