What's the features of Mecanum wheel?

The Mecanum Wheel is based on the principle of distributing a number of wheel center wheels located near the wheel. These angled peripheral wheels are used to convert part of the wheel steering force to the normal force of another wheel. Then rely on the respective wheel direction and wheel speed to combine these forces in any required direction to generate a resultant force vector, ensuring that the platform can move freely and arbitrarily in the direction of the resultant force vector without changing the machine. The direction of the wheel itself.
    Many small rollers are diagonally distributed on the rim of the Mecanum wheel, so the wheel can move laterally. In addition, the buses of the small rollers are very special. When the wheels rotate around the fixed wheel mandrel, the envelope of these small rollers will be cylindrical, so the wheels can continue to roll forward.
    The equipment equipped with Mecanum wheels can perform any azimuth movement of 360 degrees without dead angles. Such as: forward movement, backward movement, oblique movement, horizontal movement, rotation and any other combination of movement modes. On the basis of Mecanum wheels, unmanned AGV handling trolleys, omnidirectional forklifts and other omnidirectional handling platforms developed by Kunshan Yemao Electromechanical are very suitable for use in environments with narrow working space, harsh, and limited transfer space, which can improve work It has very obvious effects in terms of efficiency, increasing the utilization of enterprise space, reducing labor costs, and improving enterprise efficiency.