What's the special application of J-tube seals by sbumarine protection?

J-Tube seals are poluurethane elastomers, which can perfectly seal the contact between vertical surfaces, thereby preventing the loss of corrosion inhibitors. In addition, J-Tube seals can be used in various applications ranging from oil and gas to renewable energy. The seal is fixed on the host cable by a clamp, and can be connected to the J-Tube or I-Tube through the host cable. The seal is fixed on the main engine pipeline by an integral clamp, and then the main engine pipeline can be used to pull it into the J-shaped tube or the I-shaped tube. Usually, the seal is installed on the J-tube behind the flared inlet. The polyurethane sealing element provides an interference fit for the host cable and the J-Tube hole, and the interference fit enables the seal to be sealed.
      J tube;
      Concentrated action;
      Auxiliary accessories;
Can be customized accroding to your needs!