What should you pay attention to when installing and debugging wire rope hoist?

Installation and commissioning
The track structure for Electric Hoist movement is selected and automatically designed by the user according to GB706-88 standard. When installing the trolley, adjust it with an adjustment washer to ensure a 3 ~ 5mm gap between the wheel flange and the rail edge.
The installation of the fixed electric hoist should ensure that the safety method is correct and the support frame is safe and reliable.
For the installation of electric hoist electrical appliances, please refer to "Related Circuit Diagram of Steel Rope Electric Hoist" to install electrical appliances.
The adjustment of the fire stopper is achieved by adjusting the two bumpers on the stopper. The adjustment method is to loosen the screws on the bumper. Freely push the bumper to move. The starter motor starts to lift, the clamp plate pushes the upper limit impact block to move, when the upper edge of the hook pulley shell is 150mm to 50mm below the reel shell, stop rising, move the lower button, and the rope guide moves back about 10mm Stop the moving upper limit impact block close to the clamp plate and tighten the bolts.