Wheels coated with polyurethane have high load carrying capacity and more durable performance-suitable for medical equipment wheels

Among the medical equipment wheels, polyurethane medical equipment wheels, polyurethane medical heavy-duty rubber wheels, and medical equipment rubber-coated wheels are widely used.
They are castable polyurethane rubber-coated wheels with various characteristics such as wear resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, and so on.
Why use polyurethane coated wheels in medical equipment?
Polyurethane coated wheels, PU rubber wheels have the following characteristics, making them more suitable for use in medical equipment:
Polyurethane rubber-coated wheels are now very commonly used because of their strong plasticity. In terms of hardness and resilience, the special type of polyurethane material makes it possible to customize according to your drawings. Casting polyurethane rubber-coated wheels can be customized according to your needs. Customized design, suitable for various specifications of medical equipment with wheels;
Polyurethane coated wheels will experience wear and tear after a period of use. Ordinary wheels may be replaced directly if they are worn out. Replace with new wheels. Polyurethane can be re-coated. Old wheels can be refurbished. Use old rollers for renewal. Pouring lagging and refurbishing it into new wheels for use, which saves corporate funds;
In medical equipment, there are many wheels that require a very large carrying capacity. In the heavy-duty wheel, polyurethane coated wheels have stronger carrying capacity and more durable, which are deeply loved by the medical industry.