Which industries are used Clean Room Cranes and Hoists?

Serving a wide range of industries, from wastewater treatment and ash handling to aerospace and shipping, our team can easily meet various industry-specific compliances and regulations.
Clean Room Basics
Products with sensitive components and production processes often require the use of hygienic rooms during the manufacturing process; these environments are kept free from dust, airborne microbes, chemical vapors, and other environmental contaminants.30 Ton Top Running Double
Depending on the application, a specified level of contamination is set and must be adhered to.
Before the International Standards Organization (ISO) adopted standards, nearly all sanitary rooms were governed by FS209E, which specifies cleanliness classification levels.
International standard ISO 14644-2, which is expected to eventually completely replace FS209E, describes the type and frequency of testing needed to meet certain standards and is the most common standard used today.
Industries making frequent use include:
Food and beverage
Medical technology
Crane Assortments
Our cranes feature special shields and components to prevent environmental pollutants and debris from contaminating the equipment.
KUNFENG Crane’s Custom Solutions:
Hoists and cranes are designed to operate efficiently and safely while maintaining a contamination free environment.
We can provide:
Electric Wire Rope Hoists: We can provide electric wire rope hoists from some of the most trusted distributing overhead lifting brands on the market. 
Air Wire Rope Hoists: Air wire rope hoists can be operated continually, with frequent start and stop cycles, while managing a maximum load of up to 100 tons. With constant cooling capability, these air-powered hoists are designed specifically for high-usage areas. Also, lifting performance and capacity are entirely unaffected by high ambient temperatures, and feathering on the pendant provides operators with unlimited speed control. These hoists can be easily relocated in plants with ready access to air; no wires are necessary.
Electric Chain Hoists: These hoists are ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and electronic applications. Electric chain hoists offer high performance in a wide range of demanding conditions and can withstand exposure to aggressive sanitizers, high humidity, and corrosive materials. This type of hoist  excels in a range of scenarios, from basic wipe-down to complete wash-down environments.
To learn more about our work, or to discuss how our clean room cranes and high-performance lifting solutions can help with your next project, reach out to our crane experts.