Which parts of wire rope electric hoist need fatigue test?

Wire rope electric hoist consists of many parts, these parts have their own service life, some are vulnerable parts, some use a relatively long time. Some vulnerable parts of electric wire rope hoists are subject to fatigue tests.
The essence of wire rope electric hoist life test is to perform the life test, or fatigue test, on the weakest parts of electric hoist. The weakest parts of different models of electric hoist produced by different manufacturers are different, and need to be verified in the test. Under the condition that the part itself remains unchanged, the core of the part fatigue problem is the magnitude of the stress change and the number of stress cycles in each stress cycle. For example, in the electric hoist, the shaft between the motor and the reducer is twisted, and the key between the gear and the shaft is sheared. Like hooks, wire ropes, couplings from the drum to the reducer, bearings, connecting bolts, etc.
Performing a fatigue test on the wire rope electric hoist parts can grasp its basic conditions, facilitate the timely detection of problems and relevant processing, and reduce unnecessary trouble.