Why do we need to regularly maintain the turning machine?

The turning machine is used for the dumping and loading and unloading of different granular bulk materials such as grain, plastic, iron filings, mineral powder, coal, sugar, etc., and is suitable for different places such as railway freight yards, wharves, mines, grain depots, and coal yards. The operation is convenient, the packing speed is fast, and the operation cost is low. Two persons can operate the entire operation process, saving manpower. It can be turned over 90 degrees and erected, and the bulk material is filled by the belt conveyor, which does not waste space and has a high filling rate.
It is suitable for inverting containers of different specifications and has a stable and safe running speed, and can transport containers. Due to the heavy lifting capacity of the overturned containers, regular maintenance is required:
1. The working system of the turning machine is calculated based on 8 hours a day. Under normal use and regular maintenance, the lifting lock pin is changed every two years, and the oil inlet and outlet oil pipes are replaced once a year.
2. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank should be changed after the first 120 hours.
3. After the oil change, the hydraulic oil in the oil tank should be changed every time the prescribed maintenance period is reached. If there is too much emulsification or impurities, the oil should be changed in time.
4. The oil net is cleaned after 300 hours of normal use.
5. Change wheel bearing and rope grease once every 50-200 hours.
6. The wire rope should be replaced in time when the wire rope is used according to the box volume every 500-1000 or when a single wire breaks.