Wide application of belt turning machine

Belt turning machines are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, paper, refrigeration, steel belt, reel, barrel, coil and other industries. The frame turning machine needs to turn the frame and other assembled and connected assemblies by 180 degrees on the final assembly line, and the turned frame is placed to meet the subsequent assembly process. In the overturning station, the overturning machine not only needs to hang and lift the frame of several tons and the assembly and connection assemblies, but also to realize the overturning. For the frame turning machine, the frequency of use and dynamic load intensity on the assembly line are relatively large. The work of Hubei belt turning machine is controlled by hydraulic and electrical control system. Since the working mode of the turning machine is bidirectional, the direction of the force of the turning bracket on the hydraulic cylinder is changed. Since the h value is a variable, the force on the hydraulic cylinder also changes. In addition, the turning machine has a large size range of turning cylindrical parts, and the weight of the parts is not fixed. These variables will cause pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system. The workpiece turning machine is an indispensable turning machine mechanism for workshop production!