Widely used polyurethane guide wheels origin China

Polyurethane guide wheels are widely used in storage, logistics, medical equipment and other industries. The appearance of polyurethane guide wheels is bright, and the surface of the colloid is fine and smooth. It will not change much under different moderate and temperature conditions, and can adapt to the high temperatures in the south. Wet environment and severe cold and dry climate conditions in the north.
Polyurethane coated wheels have good tear resistance, resilience, and wear resistance, so they have a long service life and are easy to store. Long-term storage will not affect the use effect; they can withstand high pressure, high speed, and high humidity production environments. Features of polyurethane guide wheels:
1. Polyurethane guide wheels are widely used and have a wide range of applications. According to the requirements of different environments and application performance, polyurethane guide wheels with different specifications and properties can be customized.
2. The polyurethane guide wheel after polyurethane coating has higher wear resistance, good resilience and long service life.
3. Polyurethane guide wheels have better corrosion resistance and can bear the characteristics of oil resistance, wear resistance and solvent resistance.
Polyurethane guide wheels for logistics equipment are mainly used in the warehousing and logistics industry. The driving wheels of the storage sorting trolley use polyurethane guide wheels. The high-quality technology enables the characteristics of wear resistance, high tensile strength, high elongation at break and high tear strength to solve customers Provide customers with polyurethane wheel solutions for problems such as high noise, low bearing capacity, and acceleration tire slip.
Can be customized accroig to your needs.