Crane End carriages

European suspension end beam

European-style suspension end beam, the main material is hot-rolled channel steel, simple and light, the sports car connecting rod assembly Wanxiang bearing, effectively adjusting the track error, is a must-have for high-end cranes.

Forged wheel
The wheel adopts the joint structure, the 45# steel body is blackened and heat-treated, and the bearing adopts the heavy-load type sealing structure, which is safe and wear-resistant, eliminates repeated maintenance and greatly improves production efficiency.
Buffer motor
The European suspension end beam drive adopts the electromagnetic brake buffer motor produced by the company itself. It has stable start, sensitive brake and beautiful appearance.
Head plate
The headboards are all stamped and formed by multi-layer galvanizing, which meets the aesthetics of European customers and facilitates the modular manufacture of end beams.
The bumper is made of natural rubber and has a 3mm galvanized steel plate on the back. It can withstand multiple heavy-duty repeated impacts without damage and protect the end beams.