Dust-free electric chain hoist manufacturers

The electric hoist for clean room is mainly divided into four types: fixed type, manual running type (hand push sports car), manual running type (hand-drawn sports car) and electric running type (electric sports car);
The clean room electric chain hoist has a display with a timer/counter so that the user can clearly see the load;
Imported clean room electric hoist with remote control, by operating the remote control, free to adjust the running speed, easy to operate;
The gears of the clean room electric chain hoist are specially surface treated to improve the resistance to deformation and rust.
This product operates without noise, the gear reduces the noise during operation, and its auxiliary motor provides users with accurate adjustment and stability;
The imported electric hoist with clean room has overload protection device to avoid the danger caused by overloading;
The clean room electric chain hoist is designed for dust-free environments, such as factories that manufacture LCD panels and microfluidic chips, LCD panels and microchips, designed for the factory.