Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist

Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist
Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist
Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist

| Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist

Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist.
Dec 18, 2019
Analysis of the use of Chain Electric Hoist
Chain electric hoist is also called climbing frame hoist. It uses electric power as the source of power. Multiple units can effectively lift heavy objects during building construction. It is a good helper for workers, but in addition, chain electric hoists can also be applied. On many occasions, the following editors will introduce the chain hoist in detail for everyone.
Chain chain electric hoist is mainly used in major factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, construction and other industries. It is used for lifting or loading and unloading goods. It can also lift heavy objects to facilitate work or repair large machines. The electric chain hoist is operated by the operator on the ground with a button, and can also be controlled by a wired control handle and wireless remote control.
The chain electric hoist can be fixed and used for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment, and lifting goods. Electric chain hoist can be installed on single beam I-beam rail, double beam I-beam rail, column cantilever crane, wall-mounted cantilever crane, curved I-beam steel rail and fixed lifting points. Therefore, the chain electric hoist is one of the commonly used lifting equipment in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards, shops, etc. It is an indispensable machine to improve labor efficiency and improve working conditions.
Structural features:
 The chain hoist housing is the gear electrical part and the motor part. The motor part is made of aluminum housing and is processed by a secret CNC machine, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and fast heat dissipation. The standard chain electric hoist has an independent variable speed gear box system, a two-stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in the sealed transmission, and a long-life lubrication system. The brake adopts several brake systems such as side brakes, mechanical brakes, electromagnetic brakes, etc. The characteristics of this type of brake braking system are smooth, rapid, low noise, zero slip, and long life.Please feel free to contact us for more details!