Trailer Chassis Rotator - Your Lifting Rotation Device

Trailer Chassis Rotator - Your Lifting Rotation Device
Trailer Chassis Rotator - Your Lifting Rotation Device
Trailer Chassis Rotator - Your Lifting Rotation Device

| Trailer Chassis Rotator - Your Lifting Rotation Device

Chassis rotators provide a reliable solution for workshops and manufacturers. Chassis rotators are designed to be versatile and safe, revolutionizing the way chassis are inspected, repaired, and restored.
Apr 08, 2024

Precision and efficiency are crucial in the world of automotive repair and manufacturing. Our advanced Car Frame Rotators provide a streamlined solution that is both robust and reliable, making them ideal for workshops and manufacturers. These innovative chassis rotators are designed to be strong, versatile, and safe, revolutionizing the way car frames are inspected, repaired, and restored.

• Unmatched Strength and Durability

Our chassis rotator machines are built with high-strength steel, ensuring maximum durability and stability. They are engineered to handle even the heaviest of vehicle frames with ease, providing a solid foundation for precise work. The robust construction guarantees a long service life, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

load turning rotator

• Efficient and Time-Saving

360 degrees rotation makes workpiece rotation to access all angles of the frame, reducing the need for cumbersome manual lifting and positioning. Just use a remote control, the chassis rotator can rotate the frame, saving valuable time and effort, and increasing overall efficiency in the manufacturing workshop. 

• Versatility for Various Applications

Our chassis rotators are built to support vehicles of various sizes and types, ranging from small cars to large trucks, including trailer frame. This makes our machines versatile and essential for both collision repair centers and automotive manufacturers, as they provide a one-size-fits-all solution.


Chassis rotators, also refers to load turning device, are more than just equipment, they are a commitment to revolutionizing the automotive repair and manufacturing process. Below are some applications of chassis rotator.

• For Automobile Manufacturing Factory

In the production line, frame turning devices are used in the assembly and quality inspection stages. For example, when installing chassis components or performing welding, the rotator can conveniently rotate the frame so that workers can easily reach various work points. During the quality inspection stage, the load turning device can help inspectors check welding quality and structural integrity from all angles.

chassis rotator

• For Research and Development

Load rotators are utilized in the research and development departments of car manufacturers to test newly designed frame structures. By flipping the frame over, engineers can thoroughly evaluate its stress distribution, stiffness, and durability. This ensures the safety and performance of the new model under various conditions.

• For Car Restoration

Frame rotators are a useful tool for restoring classic or antique cars. They allow restoration experts to easily flip the vehicle's frame over, enabling careful inspection and repair of those hard-to-reach areas. This helps maintain the integrity of the vehicle and avoids causing additional damage during the restoration process.

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