KUNFENG® CRANES (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) is one of the leading lifting equipments manufacturer in China. Established in 2003, KUNFENG® CRANES is a comprehensive industrial enterprise. We are devoted to Marketing Plan, Product Design, Manufacturing, Test, Installation, and After-Sales service.

Our top quality products include Cleanroom Crane, Light Crane, Load Turning Device, Electric Hoist and Pneumatic Hoist, Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Wheel Blocks and Crane Accessories.



• Integrity

• Quality

• Innovation

• Passion

• Dedication


As an innovative advanced crane manufacturer & supplier, we dedicated to provide high quality, low energy consumption of hoisting machinery products and professional and thoughtful after-sales service.

Technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, there are more than 30% employees are technology research and development personnel. Cooperated with Germany, Taiwan advanced production enterprise, KUNFENG® CRANES’ products are in accordance with the international most advanced European driving standard.


Production License of Special Equipment of China

Foreign Trade License

ISO9001:2015 certification

CE certificate


... ...

Experienced & Customizable

We are standing by to assist you for the planning, development and implementation of customer processes through our experience and technology. We have a long list of satisfied clients through China and 50 countries across the globe.

We aim at being leaders in design and innovation. Constant technological advances and innovation help us grow as a leading company of China.



We appreciate your interest in KUNFENG® CRANES and look forward to your inquiry! As an OEM manufacturing factory, we supply design, manufacture and installation services at costumers' requirements.

Contact KUNFENG® CRANES and let us know how we can help!

Email: sale@kfqizhongji.com

Sales: 086-0512-55000225

Phone: 086-13914965376

Fax: 086-0512-36822106

Address: Room 1201, Building 105, Baoyu Plaza, 335 Changjiang North Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

Post code: 215300

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Aluminum alloy clean room crane

Aluminum alloy clean room crane

The Aluminum alloy clean crane is used in the clean room, and the surface of the aluminum alloy track is anodized, which is durable and can prevent the surrounding environment from corroding and impac

DRSA125 wheel block

DRSA125 wheel block

DRS125 wheel block system is a versatile travel wheel system, which is perfectly integrated into our modular drive system. Eight finely graded sizes with load capacities

Load turning devices sales

Load turning devices sales

The load turning device is also called the load turning crane. The turning crane is a hanging type turning machine.

Cleanroom Overhead Crane Manufacturer in China

Cleanroom Overhead Crane Manufacturer in China

The clean room overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment specially used for material handling in the clean room. Compared with the ordinary overhead crane, the clean room overhead crane has higher cleanliness and hygienic performance.

Metallurgy Rotator Turning Device

Metallurgy Rotator Turning Device

Load Rotary Loaders are suitable for various applications such as machine body rotation, large metal structures, casting for the foundry industry, ect.

30 Ton Capacity DRSA 400 Wheel Block System

30 Ton Capacity DRSA 400 Wheel Block System

DRSA Wheel Block System is a versatile travel wheel system and is perfectly integrated into our modular drive system. Made of self-lubricating spheroidal graphite cast iron, travle wheels have low friction and high resistance to wear.